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Welcome to STARbooks Press!

Established in 1989, STARbooks Press has become the nation's largest publisher of books targeted exclusively toward gay and bisexual men. Providing our worldwide readers with fiction, non-fiction and erotica of a consistently high quality, STARbooks Press has remained firm in its resolve to elevate the standard of gay literature to that of a viable literary genre.

Check out our newest and hottest books!

Any Boy Can - Volume 1
edited by John Patrick

Sex on the Mat
edited by Eric Summers

Echoes of the Flute
written by Mark Wildyr

Latin Lovers
edited by Marcus Anthony

Lover Boys Forever
edited by Mickey Erlach

Disciples of Priapus
written by Donald Webb

Skin Artist
written by R.W Clinger

Virgins No More - Volume 1
edited by John Patrick

Dream in the Heart of the Forest
written by David Holly

Walking on Water and After All This
written by Thom Nickels

written by John Butler

Drill Me Sergeant
edited by Eric Summers

The Spy Who Laid Me
edited by Eric Summers

Alpha Boys
edited by Mickey Erlach

River Otter
written by mark Wildyr

Sea Change
written by Ken Anderson

written by John Butler

The Gay Jew in the Trailer Park
written by Milton Stern

The Color Sexy
edited by Marcus Anthony

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